Your Cohesive Team

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Course Description
Strong, positive relationships are key to success but many people do not know how to create or sustain them. In this workshop, participants learn about eight values that build trust, what helps to forge strong bonds and loyalties between people, the true meaning of teamwork and how to use practices in your daily life in order to enjoy positive relationships.
Course Topics
  • The Environment Necessary for Excellence
  • Critical Factors That Diminish or Enhance Cooperation
  • The Commitment State Needed for Caring Behavior
  • Personal Responsibility and Social Interest
  • The Role of Self-Betrayal and Self-Care
Course Objectives
The intention of this workshop is to explore characteristics of a caring relationship and know how to be part of the commitment to support others to be wildly successful. Participants become aware of the dynamics they fall back on under situations of duress and how to be at choice in terms of their responses to others.
Course Length
This is a 2 hour self-paced online workshop.